Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I've always been excited about motherhood and all of it's exciting rewards. Nothing melts my heart more than to see my kids blushing with joy and excitement. I must admit there was a point throughout my metamorphis that I thought maybe I shouldnt have became a mother and that my life was ruined forever because of my new status- single mom. The thought of not having that extra set of hands to help out with the kids or that other person to take the kids away when they see you need a break was a hard pill to swallow because all I could think about was 'How"? How is it possible to do everything you want and need to do for your kids and still have time to keep yourself content. I have accepted my new role in God's eyes as I believe that he will never give you more than you can handle. Therefore if he thought I was too weak, or incapable of doing it all by myself then he would have planned things different for me. Single motherhood is a great challenge and I have always pride myself on overcoming challenges and I promise this one will be my greatest defeat of them all.

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